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Thicker than Water - Arden Creek Designs

'In Colorado she found her place. Four seasons came and went with certain splendour. When Winter came around again, she was ready for it. This be a time for contemplation and mellowness. She relished the days spent skiing, but there was for her nothing better than the end of those days; when she would return home to a roaring fire. Hot tea and cashmere jumpers. It was always the same - and she so enjoyed routine. It felt safe - as her sanctuary; the one spot she’d curl up on the sofa and simply be. Indeed, her surroundings cocooned her on these Winter evenings. Outside, glistened white snow - and the sheer, often harsh, unknowing openness of where the land met the crisp blue sky. But here, she was surrounded by the warmth of the fire place; the laughter of loved ones echoing through the house and the deep masculinity of birch panelled walls.'

What is organic, beautiful and blessed be for we swathe ourselves and are surrounded by wood-panelled walls and furniture. It reminds me of Colorado. It feels cosy, sophisticated and safe.

The rawness of wooden interiors alludes to something steady; and so grounded is that in our often oversaturated world of mass-production and loudness.

So the same then are artisans like Arden Creek; remaining a family-run company despite their success - and bring us to a place where Art meets Mother Nature through their craft. Speaking to Steve on the phone, he tells me how his father taught him woodworking throughout elementary and grade school. I am at once fascinated by his story (the calm enthusiasm of his voice only serving to better narrate it).

I find something joyous in passing on skill to those you love - moreover, the personableness of staying close to the Earth and each other over expansion or generic production. Their designs are unique to the area in which they live (the furniture is fabulous its Adirondack glory).

Birch Bark wall-coverings however are their most popular creation (with me too). As a medium, it has been applied for a century.

I don’t doubt, their clients sound cultivated; most residing between Colorado, NYC and Texas…and then of course, there are the Ralph Lauren stores in London (so fitting - and those of you who know me will know how much I just adore that factor).

Aspiration is where you find it; and they’ve found it.


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