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On My Feet, Je suis plus Chic: Tods SS18 Collection

‘Her style was so cool that even if she slouched, it would appear poised. But of course, a girl like her never slouched. Looking down at her watch momentarily, she hoisted her bag up onto the bar and fumbled for her Filofax. 4pm. The time was right which in turn, meant that they were running late. She sighed, subconsciously tapping her foot against the floor; the leather tassels on her Tod’s shoes playfully dancing from side to side. “Can I get you something, miss?” The bartender leaned over. For a second, she was tempted to take a seat, order a cognac, call him Winston and recount her life’s story. Instead, she smiled and shook her head. They arrived five minutes later.

“So we’d love to do this collaboration with you,” one of her meeting-companions began, “but I have to ask, with everything you’ve got going on, how are you going to find the time to design a line for us as well?”

It was a valid question. She pondered it for a moment, peering down underneath the table at her shoes before letting out a little giggle. “I run!” She replied. “I am always running. I don’t spend time on getting places; instead, I invest it doing everything it is that I love: my work; creating things.”

“Well,” said meeting-companion II, “for someone who runs so much, you certainly don’t break a sweat. You’re always so perfectly put together!”

“Thank you,” she gestured towards her feet, “who says you have to wear heels to be glamorous?” They all laughed together before getting the cheque and shaking each other’s hands. The deal was signed. And as she left the restaurant; her mind a flurry of would-be first design meetings and an eventual new creative love-child, she realised that there were only ten minutes to spare until her next meeting. Standing on the pavement, she judged the busy-ness of the road ahead. And waiting at the traffic lights until the little man went green, she hopped, skipped and (only slightly) ran across, internally thanking herself for having worn the most comfortable pair of shoes she owned.’

There is this odd misconception in the world (exacerbated by the recent influx of reality stars and people who otherwise really shouldn’t have a say-so on fashion) that ‘sexy-style’ equates a great pair of heels. Granted, a great pair of heels can make us feel taller somehow but aside, it is just as aforementioned; a misconception.

For, prior to this notion becoming prevalent and the new era of, dare I say it, ‘style icons’ (inverted commas intended), there was Katherine Hepburn.

And that laid-back; shirt-come-pants-come-flats thing had an effortless appeal that made a woman appear womanly yet was dichotomous to this. As though she had better things to do with her time than preen herself or totter in a pair of heels. A busy woman, I can assure you, is one that is elusive and capable. That, my friends, is sexy (and not in that ‘do-more-yoga-and-love-yourself’ sexy way but in an actually sexy way).

It’s like, just throw your hair up in an easy bun that casually messes itself up throughout the day, tuck a crisp white shirt into a pair of (non-skinny) jeans, stick on a belt and put your favourite Tod’s shoes on. Know what I’m sayin’?

I have always loved Tod’s. But sometime between my own ‘époque de prep’ (or preppy era, for those of you who don’t just make up phrases like I do) and my mother’s unquestionable glamour (Tod’s very much included), I forgot. And perhaps I forgot because in that time, nothing really really piqued my attention.

That was until this season. And now having seen the SS18 collection too, I can tell you that it will be an ongoing love affair.

Putting aside the use of denim (denim classic Tod’s! Genius!) and pastel yellow (I know. It’s like, just empty my shoe closet because I need more space), the designs themselves are original in the most classic way possible. This collection is, true to the brand: wearable, effortless, comfortable and chic with a fashion edge that I can safely say, puts it at the forefront of sheer-shoe-brilliance.

And it’s very feminine.

I mean, a fringe; on a pair of shoes! And my favourites - classics with the backs sewn down (because who hasn’t not put their moccasins on properly at least once?!). Quilted silk-satin features too and don’t even get me started on the sandals (also a sure favourite of mine).

So, even if you’re not the girl who hops from one meeting to the next and doesn’t have time to stop or slow down, it doesn’t matter. In the end, it’s all about appearances and I call for the chic, the cool and the slightly playful. Welcome back, Tod’s.


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