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Fasten Your Seatbelt: Bentley Motors &am

Illustrations by Girl in Style, Images of Bentley Motors: Men's Heritage leather jacket, Women's Icon leather jacket and Diamond quilt leather gloves.

On the wheel, her delicate hands felt powerful somehow (constrained by leather driving gloves). She was in control. Some had said she’d met her match. But the truth was that out here on the road, amidst the lush, green landscape of the English countryside, she had the feeling that there was no match for her. She knew that somewhere, not so far away, he was driving the same engine. They’d meet in the middle, that was the plan. Moments went by and the openness of the road soon diminished into sharper turns as she entered the forest; speed deprecating. It was beautiful here. Above, trees cowered and leaned in toward each other over the now long, winding road. Until, in the distance, she saw the smooth outline of his Continental GT and him leaning, in his suave manner, against its bonnet. He was staring into the distance. She parked alongside his car and took a breath; taking in the view of this blissful spot they both loved so dearly. The fresh, forest air hit her lungs as she got out of the car and made her way over to him. In an embrace, she leaned her head against his shoulder, softly breathing in the familiar, warm scent of his leather jacket.

Leather and motors - go quite together like champagne and caviar. Girl racers, boy drivers - and unisex is the concept thus of the Leather Jacket. For girls there’s something androgynous and sexy about it; for boys, sturdiness and the regard that he must be a champion, no less.

And Bentley is pretty much that epitome. Particularly given the fact that they’ve done such a fabulous job of translating their iconic cars into copious lifestyle products. But I’m obsessed with those items that remind me of memory-associations such as the not entirely fictional (albeit slightly-more-fantastical-than-reality) depiction above. Holdalls that go in the boot for a long weekend away in the country and yes, of course, leather jackets and driving gloves.

Indeed the design of these (part of the Heritage and Icon collections respectively) as with Bentley’s handbags, are inspired by the detailing of the cars. The ladies’ leather jacket for example, imparts lining which reflects the shape of the Bentley dashboard and signature twin joints and hanging loop that are cross-stitched by hand in a similar way as their steering wheels.

There is a reason behind every design-facet and we all know how much it appeases me to understand the purpose of things.

Beyond that, such items are essential in one’s repertoire. So if you don’t have a leather jacket, holdall or driving gloves (whether you are male or female or indeed own a Bentley) then quite frankly my dear, your time spent reading this stops here; go shopping for goodness sake!

And do tell once you’ve driven with gloves on (and where the road takes you).


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