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The Beautiful Girl. Manolo Blahnik Winter '17

Illustrations by: Manolo Blahnik of 'Wingia' & 'Chafina', Winter 2017 collection

'A poetry to her step, she skipped down the city street. The doorman smiled as with ease of demeanour, she chose the spinning entrance. Certainly, there was something not quite the same about this girl as the ones that had entered before her. Inside, she waded through the fashion-crowds of meanderers, ‘artists’ and those who said they valued freedom of expression - every eye turning on her for really, she was the only one who stood out. Around her neck were pearls, around theirs, cameras. In their hands were cellular devices and in hers, paper and pen. She loved literature and longhand. Bisous from familiar faces, her red pout slowly turned into a smile as she stood (up straight; an ode to ballet classes) there watching them, watching her. They wondered about her. Her dress (Azzedine Alaia) impeccable and her stature soft, yet possessing of a quiet confidence like she knew something they didn’t. Champagne was poured, a video played and she valued its majesty (beauty in all its guises). She looked down at her feet and up around the room before walking over to congratulate the host. They took her picture before she graciously floated toward the exit. Nearly leaving, there was a light tap on her shoulder. "I love your shoes," one of the 'cellular girls' said timidly.

"Thank you," pearl-girl replied with a sweetness in her eyes, "they’re Manolo Blahnik".'

Every time I wear his shoes, I’m struck by the architecture of them. The way they fit my feet as though they were made just for me. It’s like having a secret.

For in a world ablaze with every type of shoe imaginable, there is still rarity to them. His are not for the ‘everywoman’. So yes, it’s like having a secret but it is none for those of you reading this (friends) who know me - that Manolo Blahnik has been my crush since I was old enough for it to be appropriate.

Within the cosy confines of the Old Church Street boutique, Richard fitted the pair I chose for my company’s launch party - there was a sense of occassion. ‘One day, I’ll be fitting your wedding shoes,’ he said.

And similarly, it was the brand that I used when I directed my first ever photo shoot.

There is a jest to the Winter 2017 collection; as well as a richness in almost interior-like prints that remain decadent yet gently, gently feminine. Of course, despite its classicism, contemporary monochrome still shines through the collection with shapes that even the romanticism of my writing is not wholesome enough to describe.

Those shown here include Chafina, Wingia and Sunil. But some personal favourites from the collection also include the Giovanna boot, Nesta in Rosewood, Parida in Gold, Ovieda in purple and I have a feeling that Ghazalisi3 and Alcienzona are going to be popular (the green and turquoise coral respectively are heaven). I also adore the Winter Roses print for the BBs and the new black and red print for Hangisi (which works particularly well in the flats).

And yes, I do realise I’ve named much of the collection but going through the look book is like walking around a maze and finding a piece of treasure at every corner; my gasps were constant (the neighbours may think I’ve taken another lover while the Good Man is away on business).

These shoes remind me of a world un-uglied by heels so high that they could only ever be worn to appease men. A world in which timeless style is appreciated; elegance and a cheeky charm too. They are sexy because they just are - not because they try to be. And that is the only kind of real sex there is.

So indeed, to conclude my friends, there remains only one true artist in this over-shoe-saturated gallery of fashion and that is Manolo Blahnik. And, like his iconic illustrations which exemplify a wondrous innocence (and have of course taken precedence in this entry above mine most humbly), it is Art with three-dimensional capacity: for his design not only sympathise with the structure of their canvas but moreover, aren’t dictated by trend and stay true to the artist’s hand. And what a hand (or foot) that is!


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Illustration by: Manolo Blahnik of 'Sunil', Winter 2017 collection

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