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Midnight in Milan. Bottega Veneta, AW17

Girl in Style's Illustration of Bottega Veneta, AW17

The sheer blackness of it; structured shoulders; pinched in waist.

Forget about the Little Black Dress- there is literally nothing sexier; nothing that makes a woman more attractive than the type of coat which fits like perfection and could only be made more perfect if all she were wearing underneath was lace.

I picture midnight in Milan.

A car pulls up to a building in the darkness. Out of the shadows emerges a woman; tall in stature, strong in demeanour - delicate in features. Just moments earlier, she had been waiting. Standing in the lobby, all marble and grandeur; dreaming - a coy smile planted firmly on her lips. She opens the door of the back seat. He looks just the same as she remembered. They utter not a word to each other. The car moves through the night almost silently; the hum of the engine - white noise. As they reach their destination, he gets out. Opening the door for her, he places her hand in his and as though no time had passed, they walk into the house where so many stories resided. Their footsteps echoing; alone in the emptiness, they gaze at each other once more. ‘Shall I take your coat?’ He says.

Good fashion fulfils fantasy.

Such is this Perfect Black Coat by Bottega Veneta from Autumn Winter 2017. And of course, it’s perfect for the office too.


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