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I'm Better than Cinderella. Gina, AW17

Once upon a time, little girls everywhere dreamt of being like Cinderella. Ok well except for me because I secretly thought I was cooler than Cinderella (my mother constantly told me I was quite literally the most beautiful girl in the world and I believed her). But you get my point.

There are valid reasons for our love of shoes. Here are just a few:

Number One - We’ve never quite gotten over the fact that wearing High-Heels make us feel grown-up. A girl never forgets her first pair of heels. Mine were by Tanino Crisci and I got them in Rome when I was twelve (yes I know, I've always had impeccable taste).

Number Two - When we actually do grow up, shoes allow us to fulfil our wildest style-fantasties. We can dress conservatively and still tactfully wear a pair of shoes that satisfy our secret desire to be a special kind of dancer for the night.

Number Three - Shoe-shopping never makes one feel bad (unless, like me, you have a habit of purchasing the same pair in every colour-way, in which case yes, exiting the shop with a ridiculous number of shoes does make you feel slightly bad); no matter what the size of your waist, shoes always remain your best friend.

But there are shoes and then there are SHOES.

Not just anyone understands how to design a shoe (it’s vastly different to designing garments). It is truly artisan to understand a woman’s foot; the architectural elements. A complicated affair indeed.

In the luxury sphere this tends to go one of two ways. Either the heel height is ridiculous to the point of no longer being ‘high-fashion-tacky’ but ‘actually-tacky’ or the shoe is beautiful beyond belief but somewhat too demure to warrant reason Number Two.

The brand that remains the exception is Gina.

Known for its decadence, Gina’s new press collection for Autumn Winter 2017 exhibits the purity of their craftsmanship - a perfect balance between the opulence, glamour and rhinestones the brand is known for and a modernity, structure and sophistication that flows seamlessly throughout the line.

I rarely do ‘press days’ anymore but for the brand and team that I’ve been working with literally since one of my first ever photo shoots, I headed to Mount Street to see first hand the innovation I so anticipated.

Sufficed to say, I was inspired to take these pictures.

Cinderella, your glass slippers have some major competition.

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